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gweezy's tweet crazy
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A quick recap of GWay's most interesting tweets from the last few weeks for a friend who hasn't had time to read them.

1. ArtIsSmart
Gerard ran a competition asking people to submit drawings of his twitter icon. Here are the first, second and third-place winners and Gerard's long tweet explaining his motives behind the competition (and a bit about his thoughts about art) is here.

2. Meme-making madness
He's been making loads of memes on photoshop, including this one of himself.

3. A question about whether he believes in a god led to this awesome explanation of his faith.

4. On 19 May he invented something called "selfparm" in which he asked his followers to make a sandwich instead of self-harming.

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I really enjoyed Gerard's art contest. But the fuss some people made about who he picked as winners was ridiculous.

IKR? It makes me so sad to think about the abuse and nonsense famous people have to deal with on twitter. And makes me all the more grateful that they put up with it to engage with fans.

(Deleted comment)
You're welcome *doffs cap*

Expect a fic email from me sometime soon :) (It's slowly being written, hopefully in time for BBB wave 3.)

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